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AMOPACK is a modern company with a long tradition in the field of portable batteries. It was born in 1998 from the outsourcing of this activity of the SAFT company in Spain.

Since then, there has been a constant and growing investment in both technical staff and equipments to stay in the forefront of the development of batteries with the highest added value.

Today AMOPACK leads the national high-tech battery market, supplying solutions to sectors as demanding as Health, Defense or telecommunications.

AMOPACK collaborates with the engineering departments of its clients to ensure the correct definition of the designs.

In addition, this close collaboration allows AMOPACK as a manufacturer that is, to be able to fully customize their solutions adapting to any situation.

The success of AMOPACK is largely due to its clear commitment to a:
Own R & D capable of facing the most demanding challenges.

AMOPACK also maintains a permanent collaboration with technology centers and universities for the development of different projects that strengthen its leadership position and open new possibilities in the market.

High-tech products

High technology at your service

MOPACK, to achieve permanent QUALITY in its products, maintains four pillars:

  • An own R & D department
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Continuous quality management system
  • Use of only high tech components

Our R & D department will assure the quality through a rigorous technical development that engineering will translate into the definition of our products. At AMOPACK we are convinced that a well-trained staff is capable of ensuring the best processes, so we establish a continuous program of internal training. For the control and monitoring of our Quality, AMOPACK is certified according to ISO 9001 (ER 1321-1999) maintains the environmental guidelines ISO 14001 and works according to the PECAL 2110 standard. AMOPACK, company recognized for the quality of its products, always bet by the leading manufacturers of the market in different technologies such as SAFT, ARTS, FDK or SAMSUNG.

We offer the best quality and guarantees in a product of advanced developments.

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Applications in the market

Technology selection

Ni-Cd Ni-MH Li-Ion Primary Lithium
Emergency lighting
Metering and Sensing devices
Professional torches
Security. Alarms
Light electric vehicles
Memory backups
Emergency systems
Portable professional tools
Solar applications

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High tech products

High technology at your service



Nickel Cadmium. Rechargeable


Nickel Metal Hydride. Rechargeable

Primary Lithium

Primary Lithium Not rechargeable