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100% customization of the product

At the end of 2013, AMOPACK made a firm commitment to the Telecommunications market with a strong investment in R & D that has led to the design, development and manufacture of batteries that meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

The main family of batteries to cover this market is found in the 19” rack solution and different heights 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U with two 375mm and 530mm bottoms with which you can configure different capacities in 48V. These systems can be customized with different options of alarms, communication protocol, output power, etc., thus offering a perfect compromise between the needs of the client and the solution provided by AMOPACK and avoiding unnecessary cost overruns for functionalities that the client does not need.

With a commercial delegation in Madrid and with national engineering and manufacturing in Vitoria-Gasteiz, AMOPACK offers the customer a close treatment and an immediate response with the quality that always accompanies our batteries.

In addition to batteries in 19 “rack format, AMOPACK has developed different batteries in custom formats to solve the needs of our customers. An example is the cylindrical batteries for Monopolo tubes and the prismatic batteries for telephone booths or industrial cabinets.


Telecom operators

19 “rack-mounted lithium ion batteries are for AMOPACK the most widespread product in the telecommunications market. Manufactured with heights of 1U to 4U, it is possible to select capacities from 10 Ah to 100 Ah with output powers of up to 8 KW. We have hundreds of units already installed with the satisfaction of our customers.

Tube operators Monopolo

In response to the need generated for the feeding in a monopole tube, AMOPACK has developed a battery in cylindrical form that optimizes the energy storage in this application.

It is also a stackable solution that allows scaling its capacity in steps of 80 Ah. It is also a perfect solution for customers who do not need batteries in a rack but a location in trays.

Telephone booths

When a battery is required in which commercial products have no place, when customized design and manufacturing is needed even for small series, AMOPACK is the best option.

Another example of our effort to satisfy any need of our customers is the development of lithium ion batteries with capacity of 80 Ah for the power of μBTS in telephone booths.

Security systems

Facing the power supply of surveillance and security cameras AMOPACK has developed a battery with a specific format for its correct location in an industrial cabinet.

This battery is valid for working both in flotation and cycling and has been manufactured with Ethernet communication for remote monitoring of any installed unit.