High energy accumulators

NI – Cd Nickel Cadmium. Rechargeable

High energy accumulators

These series improve the performance of traditional Ni-Cd technology, increasing its stored energy in the same format and maintaining its durability.

VE Series

Series that offers energy for elevated autonomies without sacrificing its cycling capacity (> 500 cycles).

VSE series

The VSE technology is used for performance that requires very high energy and is recommended for all portable electronic applications.

Main applications

Medical equipment

Wireless terminals


Professional tools

Military equipment

Electronics devices

File Format CEI capacity at 0.2 C Standard charge Fast charge Impedance (m Ω) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
Typical (mAh) Minimum (mAh) Current (mAh) Time (h) Current (mAh) Time (h)
VE 2/3 A  2/3 A  670  600  60  16  600  ~1  25  16.7  28.0  18
VSE AA  AA  980  940  94  16  940  ~1  16  14.0  49.2  22

All technical data can be modified without prior notice

Location systems

Security systems