Electric mobility

100% customization of the product
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Electric mobility

If you need reliable batteries, Amopack

AMOPACK, sustainable energy

100% customization of the product

AMOPACK, thanks to the experience acquired over the years in the industrial, clinical and defense sector decided in 2013 to make a clear commitment to light electric mobility.

It was then when it began to be part of ClusterMoto, which is a group of innovative non-profit companies composed of 56 companies for the advancement of Moto Technology.

Becoming part of this cluster has served to make AMOPACK known in this new market. Since then there have been several developments of batteries based on lithium ion technologies at the request of our customers to power electric bikes, robots, electric motorcycles, buggies and other light vehicles.

At AMOPACK we work with our customers with the desire to customize their batteries 100%.

In this way, the design of the final system will not be penalized by the energy it must store for its feeding.

Sustainable mobility

With national design and manufacturing we will give the best response with the best term since our success is undoubtedly the success of our customers.


Electric bikes

AMOPACK has developed batteries in different formats to solve the growing market of electric bicycles, among which “bottle” and “carrier” stand out.

We also manufacture custom-made batteries for customers who have their own product and need to stick to dimensions that are fixed by their design.

Electric motorcycles

Since AMOPACK became part of Clustermoto, we have made different customized developments for our clients.

We manufacture Lithium Ion batteries for different mini trial electric motorcycles and we have participated with remarkable success in electric scooter electrification projects.

Android Robots

AMOPACK as a manufacturer of high-tech batteries collaborates with the company PAL ROBOTICS (leader in the field of biped humanoid robots) in the design and manufacture of the batteries that their robots need.

In the same field, AMOPACK has designed and manufactured batteries for the feeding of human exoskeletons for children. These exoskeletons will help children to walk and improve their living conditions.

Golf carts and buggies

AMOPACK has launched a line of lithium-ion batteries geared towards mobility on golf courses. The main applications are trolleys and buggies.

These batteries offer the customer a remarkable improvement of the performance in comparison with the current lead. Lighter batteries, with greater autonomy, without maintenance and with a much longer life expectancy.