What is AMOPACK?

Innovation and experience. Flexible adaptation to new challenges
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Leading national market manufacturer

AMOPACK a modern company with a long history in the field of portable battery packs, was launched from the outsourcing of this activity in Spain by the company SAFT.

From that point on we have constantly invested more and more both in technical terms and in resources in order to remain leaders in battery pack development giving the greatest possible added value

Today at AMOPACK we lead the field with the most highly developed technical battery packs on the market.

Para ello, desde su creación, mantiene la máxima calidad de sus productos con un compromiso firme en el cuidado del medio ambiente.

For this, since its creation, it has maintained the highest quality of its products with a firm commitment to caring for the environment.

Exponential growth

Flexible adaptation to new challenges


High quality technology

AMOPACK since its creation has based the success of its products offering maximum reliability, quality and professionalism with the flexibility and agility that its location allows.

For this, it bases the development of its batteries on the first brands of the market such as SAFT, ARTS, FDK or SAMSUNG.

With its own Engineering and R + D Department, AMOPACK develops and manufactures the most demanding autonomous power systems in the market, being recognized by the main national companies.

Quality and environment

Commitment and continuous improvement

The integrated quality and environmental policy at Amopack, is a statement of intentions and principles, which gives a reference framework for establishing goals in quality and environment management.

For this, it guarantees the quality of its processes through the ISO 9001 standard. Total Quality, as a key factor of AMOPACK, is assumed by all the company’s personnel, regardless of the work they do.

On the other hand AMOPACK has implemented its Environmental Management System, under the ISO 14001 standard for the care of the environment, obtaining its certification in March 2018.

As suppliers of batteries to the Ministry of Defense, AMOPACK works on the implementation of the PECAL 2100 standard.

The Amopack management team is committed to:

Defining and keeping up to date an integrated system of Quality and Environment management, based on constant improvement of our activities and preventing pollution.

Ensuring that the legislation which is applicable to our activities, products and services is fulfilled, while meeting other requirements which we at Amopack consider to be appropriate.

Establishing and frequently reviewing quality and environment objectives and targets, aiming to ensure continuous improvement.

Reducing the environmental impact associated with the activity carried out in Amopack, paying special attention to waste management.