Industrial systems

If you need reliable batteries, Amopack
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Industrial systems

If you need reliable batteries, Amopack

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AMOPACK, the portable power since 1998

AMOPACK has a great experience in the development of batteries for the industrial and professional sector since it is here where we develop our products more widely.

Our experience at your service

AMOPACK has been developing many different batteries for professional portable applications of all kinds of pruning tools, recording systems, readers, autonomous scanners, emergency lighting, torches, measurement systems, alarms and any application that demands a high performance, reliable battery and with the guarantee of quality that our experience supports.

In AMOPACK we design and manufacture batteries adapting 100% to the needs of our customers. For this we have our own Engineering Department capable of defining and developing the products in close collaboration with the technical departments of our clients.

AMOPACK, portable power

In addition, always betting on R & D, AMOPACK participates in different projects subsidized by CDTI, ETORGAI, etc., collaborating with large national companies, technology centers and universities in order to achieve a more efficient and cleaner world, which will be a fundamental legacy for the future generations.


Alarm and metering power

AMOPACK has a great experience in powering alarms and measuring devices (metering). These are applications in which a poor selection of the cell or poor manufacturing can lead to very high costs for the customer due to the replacement of batteries or excessive maintenance not initially contemplated.

At AMOPACK, we help our clients find the best solution for both indoor and outdoor applications and offer a life expectancy that can be longer than 20 years. When you need absolute guarantee, if you want to rest knowing that your choice is correct, think of AMOPACK.

Clinical and veterinary systems

One of the most traditional activities of AMOPACK is the development and manufacture of batteries for clinical use such as batteries for emergency lighting in operating rooms, development of batteries for human exoskeletons or batteries for defibrillators in different technologies.

As recognized manufacturers for our quality, AMOPACK supplies batteries for different hand equipment from the pharmaceutical sector that will be used by veterinarians in animal care and vaccination.

Emergency systems

The power supply of emergency systems is undoubtedly one of the most deeply rooted applications in AMOPACK.

The batteries for the emergency lighting must act in case of a network failure, fundamentally necessary in fires, so that a

correct evacuation of people and allow firemen to work in better conditions. That is why it is about batteries that must withstand very high operating temperatures.

There are other applications that serve to guarantee our safety in the event of a major failure such as the maintenance of electricity and telephone in elevators or backup batteries for different systems in nuclear power plants or centers of great public participation.

In AMOPACK we manufacture batteries thinking about your safety.

Professional torches

AMOPACK has developed different batteries for the feeding of professional torches for police, rail and mining.

These batteries have been developed in different technologies (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion) in order to cover the highest range of operating temperatures, work in extreme dirt conditions, withstand continuous impacts and even in some cases, explosive atmospheres.

Like the rest of the products, AMOPACK adapts to the client’s desired design to obtain torches that stand out for their ergonomics, weight balance and reliability.